Water should not be a major factor going forward. The present owners have drilled several wells, all of which produced water to different degrees. They also own the only domestic and industrial (stock watering) water license for Togo Creek which runs through the property.

As well the owner has also been advised that an irrigation license can also be obtained for Togo Creek once a beneficiary use for the water is established, that being a vineyard, orchards, or both and as Togo Creek only runs above the surface on these properties, it is the understanding it would be the only such licensee available for Togo.

A previous study done for the owners indicated the runoff from Togo Creek at 60-acre feet.

As well as creating water storage at the higher elevation on the site will allow for gravity-fed irrigation eliminating the need for hydro and pumps.

Click here for downloadable documents on the wells and water rights.