• Water will be a factor going forward. There are several drilled wells, all of which produce water to different degrees. Two of them are artesian wells, one which produced 22 gpm and another that was drilled approximately 100 ft onto Crown Land, produced 76 gpm. A Permit over Crown Land (PCL) will need to be applied for access to that well.
  • A hydrologist indicated water flows would be higher on the southern portions of the property, which proved correct.
  • A pit was dug some years ago which presently remains as a small pond today.
  • A future reservoir could be created to provide a gravity feed system for irrigation and fire protection.
  • The present owner is the only Licensee on Togo Creek for a surface water license and holds both a domestic and an industrial (stock watering) water license for Togo Creek which runs through the property.
  • Togo Creek has an onsite waterfall at the higher elevation where it enters the property from the south (with a runoff estimated at 60 acre/ft.).

Click here for downloadable documents on the wells and water rights.