Large property for sale in the Okanagan

Welcome to the South Okanagan

Home to Canada’s warmest climate and home to Canada’s warmest lake

Home to Canada’s Wine Capital

Home to acres of orchards and vineyards

Home to Canada’s only Desert

Home to world-class golf courses and world-class ski hills


Home to Fairview Highlands

Salient Facts

The immediate uses for the property that exist today include but not limited to:

  • Two third-party reports have identified approximately 450 acres of the property conducive to a vineyard and/or orchards. The vineyards would be on the lower portions of the property. The slope, helping mitigate frost pockets that occur on the valley floor. These documents can be found on the Agricultural Component page.
  • Selling off titles separately creating multiple estate acreages.
  • Further subdividing the larger parcels to create additional estate lots.
  • Moving forward with vineyards and/or orchards on the lower agriculturally receptive land while putting a master plan together for all or a portion of the remaining acreage.
  • The present RA zoning uses include educational facilities, equestrian centre, forestry, natural resource extraction, outdoor recreation, packing, processing and storage of farm and off-farm products, single-detached dwelling, veterinary establishments along with additional secondary uses. Click here to access the RA zoning bylaw.

Fairview Highlands where the possibilities for tomorrow are limited only by your imagination and time:

  • A winery whose location could and would rival any of not only the 40+ Wineries in the local area but surpass most if not all.
  • Estate lots coupled with residential cluster housing and/or a Vintner’s village


To this agent's knowledge, the largest land assembly presently available in the South Okanagan. The land is "not" in the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR). It is a land acquisition that is presently being rented out as pasture to a neighboring rancher.

It is located within the South Okanagan Similkameen Regional District and accessed off Fairview Road leaving West from Oliver.

Site area: 1,151.5 acres (7 titles)

Zoning: Resource Area Zone (RA)